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28.09.2018: European Researcher’s Night

IMG_4374European Researcher’s Night, Piazza Garibaldi, Cagliari 28.09.2018

The University of Cagliari held their annual European Researcher’s Night on Friday 28th September 2018, as part of the Europe-wide public event aimed at engaging young scientists and the public in exciting cutting edge research. Science exhibitions, experiments, debates, competitions and quizzes were also held. In addition, the night featured several stalls dedicated to the research activities of the various Departments in the University, from social sciences and philosophy to physics, mathematics and engineering. Researcher’s were provided with an excellent opportunity to not only inform the public of their recent activities in interesting and engaging ways, but to also discuss in a broader context how these activities and resulting ideas positively impact everyday life.

Researcher Night 2       Researcher Night 1
Left: The EU corner and CAT-FFLAP’s project officer Simona Scalas. Right: Michael Nieves explaining the importance of project CAT-FFLAP to young aspiring scientists.

Several EU projects were showcased at the EU stall, led by Simona Scalas, CAT-FFLAP’s project officer. This included a presentation by Dr Mike Nieves on the outcomes of project CAT-FFLAP and its potential benefits to both industry and society. This generated stimulating discussions and curiosity with scientifically minded members of the general public. The activities were also accompanied by flyers describing what project CAT-FFLAP is all about in a nutshell! (A recommended read if you want to skip the maths :))

IMG_4376       IMG_4373
(Left and right) The activities went well into the night!

It was a great night overall and the support of UNICA’s EU Office was very much appreciated!